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“When I arrived in Los Cabos on July 2, 1992, I fell in love at first sight of this paradise, my stay would be one year and without noticing this 2018 I will fulfill my first 25 years in this wonderful land, which I proudly represent and I feel part of his people and his day to day”…  Vely tells us with a big smile that transports her back to those years, where Cabo San Lucas was a small area still little urbanized, where she has seen the most beautiful sunsets, and the incredible contrast of the desert and the fused as one.

Clients choose to work with Vely Reyes and her Baze Consultores Inmobiliarios team, for her full service, ethics, knowledge, attention to detail, kidness and expertise. Vely has consistently shown the ability to satisfice clients on the buyin, selling, renting of their assetments. Her strong base of loyal repeat customers is the reason Vely has been so successful for over 11 years in this incredibly competitive real estate enviroment. Among Vely´s repeat valued clients are some of Los Cabos most influential individuals, developers and institutions. Quite simple, she is trusted.

Her extensive knowledge of Los Cabos Residential Real Estate Market is unparalleled. Her clients have consistently sought her advise and trust her judgment, she prides her self on giving all of her clients, both individual and institutional, the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, its trends, comparable sales and Property values, giving them a realistic Outlook of what they can expect to achieve on today´s market.

In addition to the sales of single-family homes and codominiums in Los Cabos most desirable neighborhoods, Vely has also been the exclusive Marketing Broker for numerous developments, such as Tramonti, Coronado, Copala, Mavila, Monte Cristo Estates they´re all located at the magnificent Quivira Golf Course.

Prior to fuounding BaZe Consultores Inmobiliarios, Vely Reyes was a Profesional Real Estate advisor at Baja Free Spirit on the Real Estate Division of Casas Atlas, a prestigious developer within Mexico for 3 years. In creating her Company, Vely has selected experienced Agents and staff that reflect her commitment to ethics and customer service.

Please contact Vely Reyes, whether you want to sell, rent or invest in the area of Los Cabos, will be happy to give you real estate advice.


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